Makkah Gears Up for Ramadan

MAKKAH: The Makkah municipality will largely focus on street cleaning, environmental safety and guaranteeing supply of hygienic food at restaurants during the month of Ramadan.

Makkah Mayor Osama Al-Bar said on Sunday, “The municipality has made preparations for the large number of pilgrims and visitors gathering in Makkah in the holy month of Ramadan and have in place the required number of workers and equipment to implement all tasks.

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Riyadh to Host Conference on Islam as Religion of Mercy

Riyadh: Riyadh will host a major international conference aimed at removing the misconceptions about Islam and its Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Saudi King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz issued an order Tuesday directing the Saudi Society for Sunnah [Tradition of the Prophet] and its Sciences to organise the International Conference on “Prophet of Mercy” on May 9 and 10 next year.

The conference will highlight the salient features of Islam as a religion of mercy and tolerance as well as its denunciation of all forms of extremism and terrorism.

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Niqabi, Interrupted Wearing My niqab is A Choice Freely Made, for Spiritual Reasons

Satu lagi tulisan yang direkomendasikan oleh Fatwa-Online newsletter. Berikut adalah sebuah curhat dari seorang editor sebuah majalah muslimah mengenai cadar. Semoga tulisan ini menjadi wawasan bagi kita dan memberikan inspirasi serta pandangan yang baik terhadap wanita bercadar. Selamat menikmati.

I put on my niqab, my face veil, each day before I leave the house, without a second thought. I drape it over my face, tie the ribbons at the back and adjust the opening over my eyes to make sure my peripheral vision is not affected.

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Al-Sudais Asks Muslims to Rally Behind Palestinians

MAKKAH: In his Friday speech yesterday, Imam of the Grand Mosque Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais appealed to international bodies to take steps to ensure an immediate cease-fire in Gaza and condemned state-sponsored terrorism against innocent people.

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Statement on the Palestinian Crisis by Permanent Committee for Islaamic Research and Verdicts

The Madeenah JournalThe Permanent Committee for Islaamic Research and Verdicts of Saudi Arabia has released a statement on the Palestinian crisis. This post is translated by Abu Waheeda As-Salafee (abuwaheeda[at] from The Madeenah Journal. We got the translation from Fatwa-Online eNewsletter. Please spread and share it to everyone.

[Update 01-01-2009 22:51 WIB]: Terjemahan dalam bahasa Indonesia dapat anda baca di sini. Jazakallah khair Mimbar Islami.
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Sheikh Abdul Aziz Alu-Sheikh: Al-Qaeda threat is serious

JEDDAH 4 July 2008: The grand mufti of Saudi Arabia yesterday urged citizens and residents to take the Al-Qaeda threat seriously and join hands with the Kingdom’s security forces in defeating the group.

“The finding of weapons and dangerous explosives to carry out subversive acts and destroy economic installations… should not be taken lightly,” said Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh. Baca entri selengkapnya »

Scholars want action against extremists

JEDDAH Saturday 28 June 2008: Reacting to the recent disclosure by the Interior Ministry that terrorist organizations were exploiting Haj and Umrah facilities to bring in foreign Al-Qaeda cadres into the Kingdom, several religious scholars have stressed the need to deal firmly with extremists. Baca entri selengkapnya »